A 360 interactive film about
the Venezuelan displacement in Ecuador
watch video
an immersive and interactive experience
based on true stories
Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Ecuador
one of the largest displacements of this century

ON THE OTHER SIDE is an immersive and interactive experience, fictional but based on true stories, that was developed with the contribution of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Ecuador. This project, the central result of which is an immersive video, will help you to understand more about the Venezuelan displacement crisis, the risks people face on the journey and what motivates them to leave their country in search of a safe place to live. During the video, you will also be given a first-hand experience of the difficult decisions that shape the future of thousands of people like Arianna, the main character.

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Learn about Arianna, a young Venezuelan who is forced to flee her country in search of safety in Ecuador.

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Meet Arianna, Johanny, Don Pedro, Mrs. Rosa and Laura, the main characters of this story.

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Long sessions with more than 20 Venezuelan refugees and migrants and a large production team.

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Did you know that over 6 million people have had to leave Venezuela? Click here to learn more of one of the largest displacements of this century.

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Your opinion matters to us! Click here and leave a message for Arianna.

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How to help

Your help is very important, here are three ways you can chip in.

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